Kick Back This Summer With These 8 Outdoor Party Ideas

Kick Back This Summer With These 8 Outdoor Party Ideas

Make your backyard the place to be this summer, with a few of our handy ideas to keep you cool all season long!

1. Frozen Fruit

Add a splash of colour and taste to your table with some frozen berries, chopped watermelon, or even freeze some blended fruit! A tasty way to stay cool in the summer heat.

2. Picnic Area

Take advantage of the dry weather with a picnic! Lay down a big blanket and pack some delicious sandwiches, it’s the perfect way to relax in the sun.

3. Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

A great idea for both kids and adults, have your own ice cream bar with a twist. Prepare some waffle squares and a few bowls of toppings and let your guests create their own ice cream sandwich.

4. Self-Serve Sangria

An iconic summer drink, serve up a few different variations of sangria with all your favourite summer fruits. Sangria is both adaptable and delicious!

5. BBQ Party

Warm weather is the perfect opportunity to bust out the ol’ barbeque and grill up some tasty burgers.

6. Summer Potluck

Save some stress this summer by inviting your friends for a cheeky potluck. They can each contribute to the food so it saves you some time!

7. Pool Party

A pool party is amazing for keeping cool during the warm days of summer, so why not invite some folks over to have some fun in the sun.

8. Outdoor Movie Night

A fantastic way to spend those cool summer nights is with a classic movie night! You’ll need a big sheet and a projector, but it’s perfect for that drive-in movie theater feel.

We hope there are enough ideas here to keep you busy this summer!

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