FunCakes Sugar Paste Bright White 250g


The Bright White sugar paste is snow-white and has a delicious vanilla flavour. Perfect for covering a cake and cutting out shapes. Knead well before use and roll out on a thin layer of icing sugar. You can also use the sugar paste for modelling or creating different shapes and designs. Also suitable to colour with food colouring. Let the fondant rest for one hour after colouring (covered) for the best results. Knead the sugar paste again before further processing. To cover a round cake with a diameter of 20 cm, you will need approximately 500 g of fondant.

  • FunCakes sugar paste with delicious vanilla flavour, very flexible, smooth and easy to use because of its fine structure. The fondant is soft, pliable and completely hardens after processing.
  • Thanks to its satin finish the FunCakes sugar paste is perfect for covering a cake. Do you wish to cut out shapes from the fondant, then you are sure to get neat, clean and sharp cut-outs.
  • The sugar paste is also suitable for creating decorations, you can easily model or create different shapes and designs.
  • Content: 250 gram.
  • Storage: keep in a dry, dark place, 15°C – 20°C.

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